Introducing the Android Market website - Official Google Mobile Blog

Introducing the Android Market website - Official Google Mobile Blog: "My Market Account"

Top search engines for internet users

A Web search engine is a tool designed to search for information on the internet. If you want to search for any information you just have to go to these recommended websites and type the keyword you want to search about and you will be destined

3G Wristwatch Phone

The another story which is ready to fascinate you...this is a totally hitech gadget which you can't see on even James Bond movies. This is another bombshell after LG watch phone, THIS IS LG-GD910,and it ensure you to feel comfortable after wearing this because LG used materials and stylistic elements from top manufacturers.
The thickness of a Watch phone is 13.9 mm and has a curved tempered glass face and high quality metal casing.It is a first touch watch phone in the world to feature 7.2Mbps and 3G HSDPA compatibility,enabling high speed data transmission and video phone calls usinfg the built-in camera.
The watch phone is capable of sending messages,making calls.Also its main feature is its touch screen interface on its 3.6cm screen and LG's intuitive flash interface.
Voice recognition features,which can be used with or without Blietooth handset,make it easier to place calls and look up contacts.Text-to-speech reads text messages and other information out loud for even greater convenience.


The leading environmental campaigning organization Greenpeace International named Samsung handset F268 as greenest mobile phone. In a competition there were several other players like Motorola V9,the Nokia 3110 Evolve,LG KT520 and Sony Ericsson C905 in the handset category.
The Samsung mobile F268 doesn't use brominated flame-retardent(BFR)and polyvinyl chloride(PVC).Neither the device nor its accessories(including the charger and the headset) contain PVC,and all the components are also entirely free from BFRs.
In addition,the F268 has an alarm function that tell users to unplug their charger when the device is fully charged.It also fulfill all the guidelines of energy efficiency established by US Environmental Protection agency and the US department of energy.

Internet Connected TV

Well, this news will surely excite my US readers that the creativity goes on a sky high to serve you more better.

Electronic giant Toshiba announced Internet connected TV. You can access your favourite website,view movies,listen to music,watch news headlines,sports telecast,weather forecast and much more.
Toshiba's Yahoo!-Intel products will also include support for microsoft's Window Media Center technology,which is a part of windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Ultimate and the upcoming Windows 7.This media center software turn PCs loaDED WITH TV tuners can also acts as digital video recorder.
NOTE: Toshiba's masterpiece would be available in US in the second half this year.


Yes,the news is absolutely true,thanks to australia for make true all the imagination of human being. This internet radio provides user to access 30,000 stations from around the globe.
With a press of buttons,users can connect to thousands of music ,entertainment,news and talk stations,all from same car stereos.
It can also connect 3G/HSDPA/HSPA device via bluetooth for internet connectivity.After connecting the radio from your smartphone ,users can get in dash navigation of tens of thousands of miROAMER stations,already available via computer and available for access by car.
This technology was developed by Australian company miROAMER. This technology is unvieled in prototype form at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Flame Scanners

Now I am going to give a information about the technology which is a point of interest for some big industries. Flame scanners is a device which accurately detect the presence or absence of flame in a combustion chamber with the help of advanced sensors and algorithms that can discriminate it's target burner from adjacent flames in the same combustion chamber. These scanners can be used with all fuel types and burner configurations.
Can you imagine that these high quality sensors are made to detect the ultraviolet lite emit by flames and measures the exact amplitude and frequency of a flame.Think about it,how much useful these device are,not only for a boiler industries but also in a place were there is a chance of catching fire. Ex Malls,stores,buildings.

These scanners can also detect ultraviolet emissions from fossil fuel flames such as natural gas, coke oven gas, propane, methane, butane, kerosene, light petroleum distillates and diesel fuels.
The basic properties of a flame scanners are
1 Fully integrated design - a true one piece system.
2 No programming - minimal setting up - 'out of the box' operation.
3 Superb detection, sensitivity and wide angle of view.
4 Field proven and reliable technology.
5 Worldwide safety agency approvals.

Currently in India only few companies are there which are serving our nation with this crucial technology. Among these a biggest name is Lucent Marcon's Pvt. Limited which provide a products and solution for Industries.
For more informations about flame detectors,visit :

Windows 7 is coming in six different versions

Windows 7 is coming in 6 different versions like widows Vista which can be dissapointing for many Windows fans across globe.
Microsoft announced the multi-version release of Windows 7 through various sources including Gizomodo and Paul Thurrott of Windows Supersite. However, Microsoft has not released any official statement to the public regarding this decision.

This news is enough to bring a dilemma in users mind as they get confused about which version will be best suit for their computer and also what combination of hard drive will run the version best.

Windows 7 Starter Edition

The Starter Edition (SE) is mainly aimed at emerging market and netbook users. With SE customers will be able to run only 3 applications at the same time but will benefit from user interface (UI) improvements such as the new taskbar and JumpLists. Also, users will be able to join a Home Group (to share media files over a local network).

Windows 7 Home Basic

The Home Basic Edition (HB) is basically the equivalent of Vista's Media Center edition and will allow the use of unlimited applications at the same time, while bringing further UI enhancements such as live thumbnail previews and 'enhanced visual experience'. Additionally, HB also enables advanced networking support like Internet connection sharing (including over wireless) and brings the Mobility Center (power management for laptops).

Windows 7 Home Premium

The Home Premium (HP) version will bring all the visual goodies of Windows 7 like the Aero Glass UI and the advanced window navigation. Besides touchscreen implementations (handwriting recognition, multi-touch), the Home Premium edition also brings improved media format support and enhancements to Windows Media Center and media streaming.

Windows 7 Professional

The Professional edition of Windows 7 brings along more security and networking features like the Encrypting File System, advanced network backup and joining managed networks with Domain Join. Also, the Pro version brings location aware printing - whether at home or work.

Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate

Whether home user or a business user, the Enterprise and Ultimate editions will bring a similar set of advanced features like bitLocker data protection for internal and external drives, DirectAccess for corporate networking based on Windows Server 2008 R2 and lock unauthorized software from running with AppLocker.


Google Ocean is a major part of the Google Earth 5 beta update. Now you can go as deep into the ocean as you could soar high above the Rocky Mountains with Google Earth.
Google's partnership with more than 20 different content providers, including the U.S. Navy, NOAA, NASA, the National Geographic, and BBC one can go deep inside the ocean to explore the saga.
To get started, download Google Earth 5 beta and put a check mark next to the 'Oceans' layer in the Google Earth software.
This is a mapping software introduced by google to navigate inside the deep blue see to see those dangerous shark and to find those ac.cidental ships across oceans. Thanks to Google,once again...


Welcome to a new technology! The new display technology is about to come, name of the technology os OLED(Organic Light Emmiting Diode),Sony is already in the market but Samsung is offering a 40inch,1080p format which is 1000000:1 contrast ratio,and all the colurs you can imagine in your mind.Its viewing angle is more than you want. Its coming at the end of 2009. But it will surely your pocket stealer...